Who We Are

Pro Energy Consultants – We NEVER Guess

Pro Energy Consultants has been a leader in energy efficiency auditing, energy conservation services and home performance since 1995.

Every day, homeowners ask us . . .

For high electric bills, who should you call? A heating and air conditioning company? An electrician? Your power company?

For problems with airborne intruders like dust, dirt or allergens, where would you start? A window company? An insulation company? A heating and air company?

The reality is, there is no right answer. Because no matter who you choose to start with, you’d be guessing. And guessing can be frustrating and costly.

At Pro Energy Consultants, our fully trained energy consultants give homeowners a surefire first step to solving their “hard-to-solve” issues. No more guessing. CallĀ  (630) 770-4994 or fill out our contact form to start saving money today!

Envelope Professional through the Building Performance Institute Inc.

Building Analyst Professional through the Building Performance Institute Inc.


Certified Energy Rater through RESNET National Rating Service

National Energy Services Network