Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing for Total Whole House Leakage

Blower door testing is a diagnostic tool used to measure seasonally the amount of air that leaks into and out of a home. Ideally you want to keep as much of that “paid-for air” inside your home. The blower door test is a standardized examination of the pressure of a home or structure.

Whether you want to build a new home or fix an older one, the way to ensure you achieve the most energy efficiency is to make sure the building envelope (skin) is tight as it can be. This means having an air barrier with minimal leakage. But how do you know when you’ve done enough air sealing? How tight is tight enough?

Pro Energy Consultants Door Blower Test

This is a common question. You must be able to measure how much air leakage you have. This is where the blower door comes in.

Our favorite saying is “Build it tight and ventilate it right”

The places we pay attention to in homes are the funky transitions in the building envelope. This includes dormers, band joists, bottom and top plates and a myriad of other details architects and builders use to make the home unique which cause air leaks. The simpler the building envelope, the easier it is to make a tight envelope.

The amount of air sealing you’re going to be able to do to an existing home is limited to the budget. Generally, with a good attack on the holes, you can achieve 20% to 30% reduction in leakage.

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Pro Energy Consultants Door Blower Testing

The manometer is a dual computer used to measure air flow and air pressure working in conjunction with the Thermal Camera.

Pro Energy Consultants Door Blower Testing

The adjustable door allows us to create negative pressure in the home to work with the Thermal Camera.