Customer Comments

Here are a Few Testimonials From our Satisfied Customers

“We hired Jerry and his crew to try and find a solution to a giant ice dam that had formed on the east side of our home last winter. In the three hours they spent at our home, they not only determined why too much heat was escaping into our home, but pinpointed other areas where the home was also losing heat and or cool air and solutions we could use to fix these problems. We have a home that was built in 1895, but remodeled so there are areas that are still quite old construction and areas that are new. Jerry and his crew were able to locate issues in both areas that will address energy loss throughout the house. The crew was very well educated on all of the information they shared and were patient and friendly in explaining the issues and possible solutions to us.”
Christa S., Arlington Heights, IL

“Jerry did a great job and knew what he was talking about. He saved me $20,000+ on new windows as the windows were not the problem.”
Ray C., Batavia, IL

“I had Jerry to my home back in January, and found his testing/analysis to be both extremely thorough and informative. Jerry spent 3 hours with me, explaining that he was doing, and taught me a lot about my home, and what I could do to improve efficiency.

After I had the home insulated to correct some problems that Jerry has identified, he returned with insulators to assist with a stubborn problem that existed in my kitchen. He worked with the insulation company into the evening hours on a Saturday, to help ensure that the job was done right.

I would strongly recommend Jerry and Pro Energy.”
Steve, Lake In The Hills, IL

“So glad we did this and working with this team was a great experience! They helped us identify the most important issues to address as well as the quick fixes we could easily do ourselves. He even came back at no additional charge to retest after we made two large changes. Temperatures in the second floor bedrooms are now more balanced. We are saving on energy and our kids are not cold overnight. I also have a much better understanding of how airflow and heat work in the house. The report they provide is a wealth of information and we have exerted back to it a few times in the months since were here. Great folks. Excellent to work with. Highly recommend.”
Laura H., Crystal Lake, IL

My boyfriend and I just moved into a new home and since its getting colder, we have noticed some areas of the house were colder than others. We heard about Pro Energy from a Welcome Home company that came over to our house and suggested we should give them a call if we wanted an evaluation on where we are losing the most energy in our home. We made an appointment and Jerry from Pro Energy came over to our home and gave us an in depth analysis. He went over every room in the house with his thermal imaging camera and showed us where the cool air was coming in. He took pictures of areas where we were losing the most heat and consulted us on what we needed to do, for example, where we needed more insulation. Jerry gave us great advice and recommendations.

We highly recommend Pro Energy if you would like to get a better understanding on where you’re losing the most heat in your home, how and where to improve the areas, and if you want to save money so you don’t have to use more gas and electricity to warm or cool your home.  Jerry is very knowledgeable and explained things very well. They also give you the thermal and digital images to reference back to when you are doing the improvements. They give the option to receive a full report, but we opted to just receive the images.  Thank you Pro Energy!”
Claire C., Naperville, IL

“Although Jerry and his wife came to my house last month to complete an assessment of my home, I have been in contact with Jerry for the past year and a half.  I’ve never met anyone who would be willing to provide guidance as I was updating my 40 year old home in order to meet the demands of today’s energy standards.  Jerry was a God-send and properly advised me on what exact steps I needed to take as it related to insulating my home, HVAC system, bathroom fans and much more.  His report was extremely thorough and although my home was in excellent condition, he was able to find a few things that had slipped past some of the professionals I had working on my home.  To be quite honest, I should have paid Jerry to inspect my home before I purchased it because he would have saved me a lot of time, money and heartache.  Jerry is a consummate professional and my family felt very comfortable having them in our house during the assessment, as I was at work during the entire process.  Thank you again Jerry and I will be in contact again next summer when I complete a few other projects.”
Hank B., Glenview, IL