Duct Leakage Testing

We use Diagnostic Tools Designed to Measure the Airtightness of Forced Air Heating

duct leakage tester is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the airtightness of forced air heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) ductwork. A duct leakage tester consists of a calibrated fan for measuring an air flow rate and a pressure sensing device to measure the pressure created by the fan flow. The combination of pressure and fan flow measurements are used to determine the ductwork airtightness. The airtightness of ductwork is useful knowledge when trying to increase energy conservation.

Leaking ductwork has become more of a concern as the 2009 IECC (International Energy Conversation Code) was implemented in the USA. Duct tightness should be verified by a duct leakage test unless 100% of the ductwork is located within the conditioned space, meaning no ductwork is located in crawl spaces or attics. It is not an easy test to pass, and the test should be done during the construction phase prior to adding the insulation and drywall. This allows the tester to examine all the ductwork and if necessary, perform a smoke test where theatrical smoke is blown into the duct work to make it possible to find the leaks. Leaks are then sealed, and all is good to finish insulating and installing the drywall.

Pro Energy Consultants can test existing homes for duct leakage. Where there are major leaks, we can identify them and you can then get the leaks sealed. More often than not however, most ductwork in an existing home is inaccessible. One option to remedy a leaky duct system is to seal the ductwork from the inside out. We partner with authorized dealers of AeroSeal®, a duct sealing application. We are happy to discuss the process and refer a good contractor.

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Pro Energy Consultants Duct Leakage Testing

Duct leakage testing measures the amount to air leaking out of the HVAC ductwork.

Pro Energy Consultants Duct Leakage Testing

A fan is connected to ductwork and all other registers are sealed for the testing.