Our Mission

We NEVER Guess!

At Pro Energy Consultants, our mission is to help homeowners make informed decisions through home energy audits and energy management consulting.

By applying a holistic, scientifically-based home performance approach to your home, our energy management consultants can help you understand your home as a set of inter-related systems, all working with, and dependent upon, each other. For the first time, you can make decisions armed with definitive and objective evidence, coupled with an eye-opening new understanding of how your home works.

The graphic below depicts all the ways and places your home can be ‘leaking’ energy.  On average, our energy consultants find leaks that equate to a window open all year long!  You can imagine the impact on energy bills and indoor comfort.

Pro Energy Consultants - Home Leaking Energy

We want you to make the right decisions, for the right reasons. For your energy consumption. For your comfort. For your budget. And for your planet.

We NEVER Guess!

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Pro Energy Green Home

“We are proud that Pro Energy Consultants services not only improve our client’s quality of life, but also help save our environment.”

With emphasis on energy efficient windows, the National Fenestration Council has designed an energy performance label to help homeowners and contractors search for the perfect window.