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Live Comfortable and Healthy in Your Indoor Spaces

You might be surprised to know that the majority of our energy audit clients cite comfort related issues as the primary reason they chose to have an energy audit performed. Sure, if you use less energy you will lower your energy bills. But fundamentally, people and businesses want to be comfortable and healthy in their indoor spaces. Click on the links below to learn how we can help you in each of these areas.

High Energy Bills
Energy costs are escalating with no real end in sight. Our homes (and businesses) represent a significant portion of our total energy consumption.  In fact, residential homes alone use more than 20% of energy in the United States. Click here to learn more.

Rooms Too Hot or Cold
Is your top floor always too cold or too hot?  Do you feel temperature differences between your rooms?  These are common energy problems, and these types of comfort issues are the top reason people have an energy audit performed.  Unfortunately, many homeowners and businesses invest thousands of dollars for new HVAC equipment and high efficiency windows, only to discover the investment did not solve any comfort issues. Click here to learn more.

Health and Safety Concerns
You might be surprised to learn that an energy audit can save your life.  Because we take a comprehensive look at air flows and how systems interact with each other, we can often identify instances of back draft and other harmful conditions that can compromise your health. Click here to learn more.

Ice Damming and Gutter Damage
For some parts of the country, ice damming has become a significant problem, resulting in recurring gutter replacement year after year.  And unfortunately, many insurance policies won’t cover ice dams and the resulting damage. Click here to learn more.

Poor Indoor Air Quality
Studies and research reports increasingly draw correlations between a wide range of health issues and indoor air quality.  Fact is, our indoor air is far more polluted than the outdoor air, and we spend 90% of our time inside. Click here to learn more.

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