What is an Energy Audit?

We Guide you Through the Process of Making Your Home More Comfortable and Efficient

An energy audit expands on a home energy survey by gathering detailed information on a home’s energy usage and provides a thorough financial analysis of energy costs.

The energy audit conducts diagnostic testing including a blower door test and combustion safety analysis and utilizes an infrared camera. This allows Pro Energy Consultants to locate:

  • The amount and efficiency of the insulation currently in place
  • Any existing combustion safety issues

A detailed report is generated providing prioritized and suitable recommendations. It takes up to 2-4 hours for an audit depending upon the size and condition of the home.

Pro Energy Consultants acts as an advocate for our home owners and sells nothing! Homeowners can depend on Pro Energy Consultants to answer and guide them through any process needed to make their home more comfortable and efficient.

Contact us or call (630) 770-4994 to learn more about how an energy audit can help you save on energy costs.

“Our energy conservation audit and energy services are as much about helping you understand how the home is used and lived in as it is about the home itself.”